Weston Armed Forces & Emergency ​Services Day Saturday 22nd June 2024

Weston-super-Mare Sea Front - Beach Lawns

About Armed Forces ​Day

The first UK Armed Forces Day took place on 27 June 2009; it ​replaced Veterans’ Day which was first observed in 2006. Armed ​Forces Day is a celebration of our Service men and women, and ​the immeasurable contribution they make to our lives and to the ​reputation of our Country.

Through centuries of Service to the Nation, the members of our ​Armed Forces have established a record unequaled in the world. ​They work selflessly with honour and distinction, in the most ​challenging circumstances imaginable. This day also recognizes ​the wider family: the Veterans, young and old; many volunteers ​who support the Cadet Force so tirelessly; and – of paramount ​importance and sometimes forgotten – the Families and friends ​whose care and support enables such excellence.

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Weston Armed Forces & Emergency Services Day, ​will be held on Saturday 22 June 2024 on

Weston-super-Mare Sea Front.

Weston AFD Organising Team are pleased to be able to say that this year the Event will return to the Sea Front.

Sadly last year, having to hold a solo Event without the support of the Air Days, it was necessary to hold the Event in a different location, largely ​due to the costs and infrastructure of holding an Event on the Sea Front and, as a result, the attendance was not as good.

However, this year, by using Taunton AFD’s very successful model and, holding the Event in partnership with the Emergency Services, it is possible ​to share increasing costs and infrastructure and secure a greater attendance. This is, of course, a similar position as the previous one with the Air ​Days Team.

The Event will have all the usual AFD components and start with a Parade along the seafront from the Grand Pier to the arena for an Opening ​Ceremony.

The Armed Forces Village will occupy the Beach Road side of the Beach Lawns and the Emergency Services’ displays will be on the Sea Front side ​of the Lawns.

Throughout the day the arena will be shared for Armed Forces’ and Emergency Services’ displays culminating in a closing Muster and Sunset and ​Flag Lowering Ceremony. The Salute will be taken by Air Marshal Sir Julian Young. We hope that all the Veterans’ Organisations and Cadet Forces ​will take part in the Opening Parade from the Grand Pier at 10:00.

Li​ne-up of events

Due to the nature of the event, all times are approximate and ​may be cancelled at short notice as the emergency teams ​are on call.

The parade forms up at Grand Pier at 09:45, All Serving ​Personnel, Reservists, Veterans, and Cadet Forces are ​welcome. The parade leaves Grand Pier at 10:00 sharp

10.00 hours (Parade will form up outside the Grand Pier and ​March along the Promenade into the arena)

10.15 hours Muster and Flag Raising

Muster will form.

​The mayor is invited to say a few words of welcome​.

Signalers from TS Weston will sound 'Alert', after which th​e AFD Flag will be raised, ' Carry On' will be sounded, after whic​h the muster will leave the area.​

Band will 'Stand Fast'. ​ ​

10.30hours Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Band Display

11.00 hours 999 display

11.30 hours Henry Tilliers Regiment of Foote Pike and musket display

12.15 hours 999 display

12.45 hours TS Weston Band display Corps of Drums

13.15 hours TS Weston Club and Cutlass display

13.30 hours Phoebe Richards (Soprano)

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Line-up of events a​fternoon

14.00 hours 999 display

14.45 hours Silver Bugles Band Sounding Retreat

15.15 hours D&SF&R Corps of Drums will play a short display before

Playing on the Muster,


Piling the Drums (Weston Sea Cadets)


Only Remembered –

Evening Hymn/Sunset /National Anthem

(Silver Bugles)(Buglers from the D&S F&R Corps of Drums will join the Silver Bugles for Sunset)

During Sunset, the AFD Flag will be lowered, and folded. After the National Anthem, it will be returned to the Mayor for safe keeping and,.

Drums will be retrieved (Weston Sea Cadet Corps)

Demuster (D&S Corps of Drums will play off the Muster, Silver Bugles will march off at Rifles pace, after the Corps of Drums have left the ​arena. When they have exited the arena, the Silver Bugles will play 'No More Parades')

Sergeant Major General ​Henry Tillier’s Regiment of ​Foote

Sergeant Major General Henry Tillier’s Regiment of Foote, a Royalist unit ​within the Sealed Knot Society, meticulously re-enacts 17th-century English ​Civil War battles. As a registered educational charity and the largest re-​enactment society in Europe, the Sealed Knot Society brings history to life. ​Henry Tillier, a key figure in the society, hailed from a French Huguenot ​family and rose to prominence in Charles I's army, notably leading his ​regiment in various campaigns. The regiment's distinctive green coats and ​standards marked its significance, culminating in its last stand at White Syke ​in June 1644 and a final battle at Naseby in 1645, where General Fairfax's ​forces overcame them. This brief yet rich history encapsulates the valour ​and legacy of Sergeant Major General Henry Tillier’s Regiment of Foote.

Devon & Somerset ​Fire and Rescue Band

Our ceremonial unit is a harmonious blend of three distinct ​groups: the Concert Band, the Corps of Drums, and the ​Colour Party. Since their establishment in 1984, these ​talented musicians have passionately represented the ​service through captivating music, precision marching, and ​lively displays.

Comprising both serving and retired firefighters, alongside ​dedicated support staff and gifted residents of Devon and ​Somerset with a musical background, our ensemble is a ​celebration of talent and camaraderie. Together, we create ​a spectacle that not only honours the service but also ​showcases the rich musical diversity within our community.

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The Silver Bugles Band

The Silver Bugles Band, the public face of the Somerset Army ​Cadets was established in 1979 by the Frome Army Cadets. ​Named after the affiliated Light Infantry Regiment, the band ​comprises cadets from Uphill and Frome platoons, guided by ​dedicated adult volunteers. Notably, members, many without prior ​musical experience, quickly master the art of producing quality ​music while marching at 140 paces per minute—a nod to their ​Light Infantry tradition.

Juggling band training with the regular APC syllabus, these cadets ​showcase self-discipline and tenacity. Supported by devoted staff ​and parents with invaluable tailoring skills, The Silver Bugles ​exemplify the achievements of modern youth. Their impressive ​resume includes performances at Military Tattoos, Armed Forces ​Day celebrations, Royal Albert Hall's 'Swift and Bold' Concert, ​Horseguards Parade's Sounded Retreat, and the Menin Gate ​Memorial in Ypres, making them a source of pride at important ​events.

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Fire Fighter Training

Emergency Services ​Day

Join us for fun and demonstrations from our local ​emergency services.

M​ore information to follow

Weston Armed Forces Weekend is orchestrated by the dedicated volunteers of the ​Weston Armed Forces Weekend Committee.

Our team is driven by passion and local enthusiasm, with valuable support from ​representatives of the Weston Town Council, Armed Forces, Cadet Forces, and Service ​Charities.

In close collaboration with the Emergency Services Team, whose support we deeply ​appreciate, we bring you an event filled with pride and gratitude for our armed forces. ​This is a labour of love, and we're grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and honour ​those who serve.

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